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Caves of Requirement

Lisa Stewart
Mixed media immersive installations

Caves of Requirement investigates personal notions of escapism by re-imagining the sanctuaries we retreat to when in need of 'time-out'. The work explores the private dwellings we create in our backyards, bedrooms, offices and inner psyches to shut out and recharge from the regular confines of reality, time and place. 

From travel to faraway destinations, to the controlled and often exoticized environments of getaway resorts, Caves of Requirement addresses how escapism is constructed, commodified and mythologised on a daily basis. It plays on simulated experiences and manufactured dreams, encouraging visitors to momentarily 'vacate' through their personal interactions with the work.

Caves of Requirement was exhibited as part of the Linden Innovators Program, Innovators III, at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, St Kilda, Melbourne, 2011.

Click here to read exhibition essay by Alanna Lorenzon.

This project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund.

Installation 2 - exterior view   Installation 1 - exterior view   Installation 1 - interior detail   Installation 1 - interior view   Installation 1 - interior view