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eYe as a collecTive

Lisa Stewart + Florence Freitag, + ~~~
est. 2019

eYe as a collecTive website

eYe AS a collecTive is a membranic collaboration between artists Florence Freitag, Lisa Stewart and the soup of the collective consciousness. Working with embodied sensorial story-telling and experimental vocals, EAaCs magic engages feminist, ecological and mythical thematics.

Collapsing the construct of linear time, EAaC traverses pasts, presents, and futures, opening up channels for the live streaming of micro/macro-organism scifi.

EAaC generates holding spaces for collective contemplation.

Eye is You and Yew is Me, and together we are morphing, mutating, evolving, disintegrating, and gathering new experiences as we expand and contract through time and space. ∞