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Collaborations with the Sun

Lisa Stewart
Sun, Air, Salt, Sand, Time

Coloured cotton fabrics marked with elemental forces in Time
2018- - ->

On-going series since 2018, working with the elemental energies + time as an agents for change/transmutation. Working backwards and forwards in time.

Fabrics were knotted and left outside at a place I wished to return to, symbolically mapping natural processes of change that pass in absence. The resulting cloths serve as living documents of mortality, ageing and destructive forces as creative forces. Life-death-life.

Dark Green cloth: intention to return to the sea (26 Sep 2018 - 9 May 2019)

+ Red cloth: 3 months not in Marrakech (27 April - 28 July 2018)

+Black cloth: 3 years not in the Sahara, M'hamid