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is.a Scent Codes

••Scent-based energetic tuning keys•• in the form of oils, sprays, perfumes and anointments. Light and ephemeral, deep and complex, distilled plant wisdom in every bottle. Handmade in limited edition batches from high quality essential oils, infused resins and flower essences in personally hand-painted bottles.
is.a products are made only with high resonance essential oils that have been carefully collected over the past years from small-scale manufacturers in Greece, Morocco, Malaysia, Italy and Australia. Blends are based in either organic sweet almond oil or plant derived alcohol, no extra chemical additives or synthetic scents are used. is.a scents are intentionally subtler than commercial perfumes and offer aromatic therapeutic benefits as vessels for pure essential oils.

For current stock and inquiries contact:
e: is.a.scentcodes[at]
whatsapp: +49-176-578-194-12