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::multi-disciplinary artist working across sound, video, collage, installation, painting,
performance and somatic live art experiences::

B. 1986 Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.


2008–9 Bachelor of Arts: Major in Film & Television, Monash University, Caulfield/Clayton, Melbourne, Australia
2005–7 Bachelor of Visual Arts: Photomedia, Monash University, Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia


Pause for Pollination, as Eye as a Collective, live somatic interaction in collaboration with the Impossible Forest (created by Jared Gradinger), Ausufern Festival, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany, July 30 & 31
Stories of Shells & Pearls, as Eye as a Collective, site-specific vocal channelling/storytelling, individual experience made in collaboration with the Sea, Rocks and Wild Flowers of Monte Cofano, Sicily, Italy, April 11

Eye as a Collective Re-Membering Backwards, Live Sensory Listening Journey with Florence Freitag, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany, Aug 15
Eye as a Collective Re-Membering Backwards, as part of "Stories from our futures' past", Live Sensory Listening Journey with Florence Freitag, Universo Berlin, 48HNeukölln, June 14-16
Backdrop, in collaboration with Laura Delaney & Alanna Lorenzon, as part of Climarte Festival, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia

Where does the Rhinoceros Sleep Tonight?, collaboration with Noureddine Ezzaraf, site-specific project of open workshops & creation of works for the Collective Museum of Casablanca produced by Atelier de l'Observatoire, Hay Hassani, Casablanca, Morocco
Domestic Gravity, performance at Queens Collective as part of Atlas Electronic Festival, Marrakech, Morocco
In the Green Thing, performance with Florence Freitag for The Room of Eyes: Alchemy Edition at König Otto, Kindl Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Neukölln, Berlin Germany
Into the Ear, the Future Flows, site-specific exhibition of collage works at Yellow Yoga Studio Sonne, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
TEDD Ex Talks: Marrakech Tours : From luxury meats & serpents to the misuses of henna : A keynote on navigating to the square, performances at Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco

New Haunts, live performance in mixed media installation at Watch This Space ARI, Alice Springs, Australia Fool-A-Roo, in collaboration with works by Rachel Feery, Nicholson Building, Melbourne, Australia

Autobodiography, collaborative performance with Barbara Földesi, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Plamena Pencheva, at Body Graphics Festival for Contemporary Dance & Performance, ODK, Pernik, Bulgaria
Shadow Layers, Rosalux gallery, Wedding, Berlin, Germany
Mappings of the Interior: Microcosm Series, Aether Bar/Space, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Parting Water, collaboration with Laura Delaney, site specific program of water-based events and interventions at Moseley Road Baths, as part of Fierce Festival, Birmingham, UK
Trade Winds and The Bar 2.0, Boys Club, Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Mirage, collaboration with Rachel Feery, Schoolhouse Studios, Abbotsford, Melbourne
MALAGI Medicine, as part of Positive Parks Project curated by Kirtsy Hulm, Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy, Melbourne

Caves of Requirement, as part of Linden Innovators III, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts,St Kilda, Melbourne

En la Ciudad de los Círculos/ In the City of Circles, Residencia Corazón Galería, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sunset Over Cardboard Mountains, collaboration with Rachel Feery & Ed Gould, as part of Next Wave Festival, Studio 246, Brunswick, Melbourne

Echoes of Gold, collaboration with Rachel Feery, First Draft Gallery, Surrey Hills, Sydney

Echoes of Gold, collaboration with Rachel Feery, OProjects Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne


Shifting Point, as part of exhibition The Cinema House of ĘXÏSTĘNZÎĀ curated by Freyja Eilif, Hilbertraum Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Queens Group Exhibition, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco
Queens Collective Exhibition 0.2, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco

Queens Collective Open Day, Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco
Lila D Lklam (Night of Words), Queens Collective, Marrakech, Morocco

Plateau Visions, Australian Embassy, Mitte, Berlin, Germany
Curtain Call: 1000 2000s SOAP, curated by SOAP collective, Blindside, Melbourne, Australia

Surface Noise, works as HAPPY COOL, BUS Projects, Melbourne

Video-installation made in collaboration with Laura Delaney for Hull, site-specific installation at Mission to Seafarers, Docklands, for Next Wave Festival, Melbourne

Songs to Dance to, Songs to Die to, performance as HAPPY COOL, Curated by Alanna Lorenzon, Format Festival, Adelaide

Magic Eye, collaboration with Rachel Feery, Platform Artist Group Inc., Degraves Subway, Melbourne
Hide and Seek, Curated by Laura Castagnini, China Club Arts Hub, This Is Not Art Festival, Newcastle
Post: A Group Show, Curated by Anusha Kenny, Place Gallery, Richmond, Melbourne
Big! Presented by Format Collective and 2% Group, Queens Theatre, Adelaide
Testing Ground, Curated by Mathew Perkins and Peta Clancy, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne
Debut V, Curated by Natalya Maller, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne

The Ecologies Project, Curated by Geraldine Barlow & Dr Kyla McFarlane, Monash University Museum of Art, Monash University Clayton, Melbourne
The Craft Exchange Salon, Curated by Safari Team, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 25A Eastment St, Northcote, Melbourne
Once Upon a Time: Off the Kerb’s 1st Birthday Show, Curated by Felicity Langthorne, Off The Kerb Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne

Through Different Eyes, Curated by Friends of Kolkata Australia, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University, Melbourne


Practising Staying Still: Entrainment with Trees, as part of Brilliantly Dark in Unprecedented Times, Tanja Liedtke Foundation, online dance-film project, Germany

See Ka Roi, “Hypnotic Rhythms” series of short Australian Contemporary Video Art, curated by Leon van de Graaf, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Seven Colour Crystal Balls, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", Aphids 20th Anniversary Celebration screenings, Federation Square big screen, Melbourne CBD
The Increase, video selection curated by Channels Festival for Next Wave Festival Launch!, Testing Grounds, Melbourne

The Increase, "Channel Surf" as part of Channels - The Australian Video Festival, Federation Square big screen, Melbourne CBD
The Increase, Tele Visions, produced by Alex White and Emma Ramsay, broadcast on temporary pop up TV channel, Sydney

Seven Colour Crystal Balls, "SommerWerkstatt; Party Mit Videocollagen; Exotic Erotic", curated by Sarah Martinus, Weisenburg, Berlin

Seven Colour Crystal Balls, Ocular Spectacular, Curated by Ally Oliver–Perham and Sarah Barrow, Anytime Place, Brunswick, Melbourne

Brainstone to Birdman, On the Screen, Diane Tanzer Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Brainstone to Birdman, Swift: Video art screenings, selected program of films as part of St Kilda Film Festival, Curated by Jan Duffy and Matthew Perkins, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda, Melbourne


+Joining Hemispheres: Eye as a Collective Summer/Winter Solstice Radio Hour, Elle Dit Radio,, Berlin, 28.12.21
+Between Waves: Gg1 Radio Hour, Elle Dit Radio,, Berlin, 23.11.21
+Recipes for Transmutation: Schillerwelle | Das Festival-Radio 21. Internationale Schillertage, Manheim, 19.6.21
+Recipes for Transmutation: Amplify Berlin Radio broadcast on Reboot FM, 30.1.2021

+In Adata, sound designer for Arthouse dance film as part of Plovdiv 2019, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

+To Pool #3 Music, exhibition of Gg1 sculptural USB music release and acoustic performance with Jee Young Sim, Dominik Noé, Bastian Hagedorn, Eilis Frawley at Schneeeule Project space, Wedding, Berlin, Germany

+Eyess Sser Sser track (as Laguna Inc.) for label launch of Gg1 Records, at Murmur, curated by Jee Young Sim, Wayfarers Gallery, NYC, USA
+Enhanced Interrogation, live performance directed and performed by Arash Azadi, Claudia Fox, Colin Frank, R. Kevin Nelson, Pedro Oliveira, Izabela Smelczynska & Lisa Stewart, as part of CTM festival, music makers Hacklab, at HAU 2, Berlin, Germany

+Tarot Exchange, on-going collaboration with Tarot reader Leonor Beuter, sonically mapping the cards of the Major Arcana after a reading, online archive
+Sound works for Omni III, performance piece by Emily Ranford, Flutgraben 3am, Berlin, Germany

+ Distant Equators, live performance at Medea Electronique Electric Nights festival, Beton 7, Athens, Greece
+ Sound works for Nowhere Island Radio broadcast and limited edition CD, temporary arts radio station broadcasting live from locations in Plymouth and Devon, United Kingdom
+ Host and creator of Sound Vacations on Radio Valerie, a bi-weekly radio program of original and curated experimental soundscapes and live performances featuring collaborative guests


Juj Lab, 2-week collaborative exchange with Noureddine Ezzaraf, Marrakech, Morocco
The World Is Sound, 6-day voice & movement intensive, with Irena Z. Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci, Casina Settarte, June, Puglia, Italy
Amplify Berlin, Creative Development Program, 1-month Residency at ACUD MACHT NEU with Mentor Afriqua, January, Berlin, Germany

Sourcing Within, performance work sessions with Gey Pin Ang, December, L.U.P.A., Turino, Italy
Sourcing Within, performance work sessions with Gey Pin Ang, May, Teatro Nunc, Castiglioni Fiorentino, Italy

The World is Sound, 10-day Advanced Course in voice and movement with Irena Z. Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci, Abada / Eden Studios, Berlin, Germany
The World Is Sound, 10-day voice & movement intensive, with Irena Z. Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci, Casina Settarte, Puglia, Italy

Queens Collective, 5-month residency in Marrakech, Morocco
Watch This Space, 1-month residency, Alice Springs, Australia

Derida Dance Centre, 1-month residency for project Autobodiography with Barbara Földesi, Ivaylo Dimitrov & Plamena Pencheva, Sofia, Bulgaria
O espaço do tempo, 1 week residency with Dani Brown & Co, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
Performance and Body Lab at Music Tech Fest Berlin, 6-day site-specific cross-disciplinary collaborations in the Absorption Chamber of Funkhaus Berlin, Germany
Fellow at the MusicMakers Hacklab, CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany
Crime and Punishment II -Katerina Ivanovna, 1-week intensive Butoh Workshop with 4RUDE, Berlin, Germany

SMASH#7, 3-month program, intensive training in experimental physical performance, through SMASH Berlin at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
SMASH#6 “The World is Sound”, 3-week intensive workshop in voice and movement, through SMASH Berlin at Tatwerk, Berlin, Germany

Waterproof workshop, as part of Live Art Development Agency DIY10 and In Between Time, Bristol, UK

2-month residency at Residencia Corazón, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography teacher/artist in residence at The Centre for Communication and Development, Jan 2017 Kolkata, India, representative for Friends of Kolkata Australia


Take Care Research Funding from Fonds Darstellende Künst, for eYe As A collecTive, 2021

Arts Council England – Arts Grant, in collaboration with Friends of Moseley Road Baths and Laura Delaney, 2014
City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund, 2011
Australia Council For the Arts - ArtStart Grant, 2010
Arts Victoria – Presentation Grant, in collaboration with Ed Gould and Rachel Feery, 2009
Next Wave Kickstart Grant, in collaboration with Ed Gould and Rachel Feery, 2009
Designwyse Photomedia Award: Excellence in Photomedia Third Year – Diverse Practice, Monash University Department of Fine Arts, 2007


Cardboard Utopias, creative craft workshops for kids, collaboration with Rachel Feery, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne, 2011


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2011/12 Board Member & Administrative Officer, SEVENTH gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne