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Lisa Stewart

Plasia: development / formation / growth / cellular multiplication

As individuals and as societies we are constantly growing and transforming. Through science and technology we can increasingly manipulate the world around us, we make things faster, more built up. We morph our environments at increasing speed through the constant transmutation of raw materials into products. Sands becomes glass, trees become vampire novels, metals become complex computing machines which in turn can transform thousands of animal remnants into bags of chicken nuggets in a matter of minutes. Matter is getting more and more mixed. Rivers, oceans and human bodies carry plastics and synthetic hormones inside their systems….

Starting from the concept of "as above, so below", Plasia looks at internalised personal growth in correlation to rapidly ‘advancing’ (depleting) societies. The works allegorically reflect internal cleansing processes, venturing deep into your own muck in order to release some of the junk that builds up. When we spend years in careless states of excessive consumption and unconscious exploitation of our resources things degenerate, natural ecosystems get clogged or exhausted. You can see this reflected in landscapes and in human bodies alike.