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Galaxy S5: Enter the Beast

Lisa Stewart
video series: movement performances varied lengths

A set of exercises for retraining one's presence within the gravitational force field of a smart phone. Performed to a soundscape created from sampled notification alerts found on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the exercises attempt to recondition the mind/body against distraction. The work creates a meditative practice that draws its choreography from WhatsApp emoticons, letting the gestures of various emojis morph and flow throughout the body.

On both a functional and emotional level our devices form their own galaxy around us. In these ‘galaxies’ we can travel out of our bodies connecting with everything/everywhere that we physically are not. We are becoming accomplished masters at occupying multiple ‘places’ at once. But this practice has a tendency to spread our focus thin, making it increasingly hard for us to find absolute presence within our physical reality. Matrixes of distraction continually orbit us.

Galaxy S5 is a performative exercise in reconditioning that explores our physical, mental and emotional connection to modern day devices. The work seeks to unravel how virtual worlds/networks embed themselves within our physical reality, and how they influence the body.