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New Haunts

Lisa Stewart

outback sci-fi - live performance in mixed media installation at Watch This Space ARI, Mparntwe, Australia

Live performance within a staged habitat constructed for a human body. Using sound, installation, special effects and a hammock suspended body to hybridise natural and synthetic experience. The work examines some habits, hypocrisies and yearnings of urbanised humans and their attempts to connect to the natural world. Exploring misunderstandings of landscape, the romanticisation of nature whilst wearing insect repellent, latent animal urges, and the ever-present consumable plastic-ness of today’s world.

Expanded Materials List: thinking about the politics behind each material, how things travel in today's societies, the migration and hybridisation of material resources, locality vs. globalisation

+ Hammock made from: old tent interior and rope sourced at Mparntwe tip shop, Woolworth’s plastic shopping bags; charcoal from petrol station bought Australian eucalyptus wood burnt at Finke River Two Mile camping area; imported materials manufactured in Australia and Abroad: PVA wood glue from Bunnings, Liquid Latex, impasto medium, powdered paint, gouache paint, acrylic paint.

+ Surrounding installation made from: fallen eucalyptus branches and seedpods - various varieties sourced locally; string bought from Mad Harry’s Mparntwe, origin unknown; artificially diffused Australian-made pure eucalyptus oil; mosquito coils; speakers.

+ Backing track sound piece made from: naturally occurring and fabricated sound samples, instruments & vocals, collected and produced by the artist in Watch This Space ARI Mparntwe, Berlin, and Lorne, Victoria; manipulated and distorted samples of USA hip-hop tracks (by Dr Dre. and Tweet), downloaded from the Internet in Melbourne; midi instrument banks from Native Instruments Maschine titled ‘Desert Wind’ & ‘Didgeridoo Bell’; loops from Protools.

New Haunts was re-exhibited in Melbourne in collaboration with Rachel Feery as part of exhibition Fool-A-Roo

installation detail - synthetic bat/bird skin
New Haunts: bat tech concept collage
New Haunts: bat tech concept collage
Finding comfort in the uncomfortable -
early trials in bat technology