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Lisa Stewart

Site-responsive installation (soil, yoghurt, electrical tape), sound work and collages at the Australian Embassy Berlin

Island looks at alternative visions of Australian landscape portraiture. Departing from the idyllic images that typically represent the young nation, the works depict some of the direct experiences that the ancient landmass has encountered since European settlement in 1788.

The floor installation Island: Young Culture, Old Soil shows an island landmass carved out like an open-cut mine. Sculpted from 640kg of soil with pits coated with yoghurt and a border of electrical tape, the work is a visual pun on the effects of white culture on the Australian landscape.

Accompanying sound work Island: What the Birds Say layers original and found recordings of the Australian lyrebird collected in the last decade. The lyrebird is known for its ability to flawlessly mimic other birdcalls (learnt from what can be heard in its environment). In recent years the lyrebird can also be heard mimicking various artificial and industrial noises, a reflection of the changing state of its habitats.

Collage series Sheep 'n' Footy frames unintended collages found within ‘The Age’ newspaper Melbourne, March 2016.