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Eye as a Collective

Florence Freitag and Lisa Stewart

Eye As a Collective is a membranic collaboration between artists Florence Freitag, Lisa Stewart and the soup of the collective consciousness. Traversing past, present, and future timelines EAaC opens up a channel for the live streaming of micro/macro-organism eco-sci-fi. Working with embodied sensorial storytelling, experimental vocals, remote viewing and nature based practices, EAaCs magic engages feminist, ecological and mythical thematics, blurring the boundaries between self and all other matter. EAaC generates holding spaces for collective contemplation.

Eye is You and Yew is Me, and together we are morphing, mutating, evolving, distentigrating, gathering new experiences as we expand and contract through time and space ∞.

Conceptual Collage: Lisa Stewart, 2018

Works include:
Re Membering Backwards
live sensory listening journeys
30 minutes

A live vocal improvisation channeling future cell collectives trying to converse through voice boxes newly installed with ancient English/Deutsch in a contemplative soup of sonic frequencies. After the great rerooting, after timezzzz camess off the table and human cell collectives stopped nutriating through mouthszzz. After the dolphinsss disintegrated into 6D. was war da? können wir uns errinern? What did your 9th knee socket conglomerate recall when it was in concrete form in the 21st C? vfwvk dxbssssss ferfchjhd oled ddgtggfsdgvb #&%$'hjGJIU••○○○| ????¿¿¿¿¿¿

review from performance for 48hr NK 16.06.2019

Performance documentation still: Altes Finanzamt - NK, Berlin, 2019

Eye as a Collective - Re Membering Backwards from Florence Freitag on Vimeo.