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Domestic Gravity

Lisa Stewart
site-specific performance at Queens Collective Marrakech, Morocco
20 Minutes

Performance for Atlas Electronic 2018 program exploring invisible bodies and voices within domestic environments. Taking ‘house' as a state of mind, I look at how internal landscapes can mirror external spaces and vice versa. The performance serves as a metamorphosis of body and building.

A building is like a human body, its walls are like a skin. If I go inside its guts and embody its latent memories, its fantasies, its passing thoughts, what would it sound like or move like? What is calling to be expressed? What are the needs of this space, as embodied through me the performer? I empty myself as a vessel for this consideration. What arises serves as an imagined portrait of the space, a provocation, a contradiction, a fleeting possibility in time.

30second excerpt from live performance:

video footage: Anwar Bougroug

Further performance video documentation