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Echoes of Gold

Lisa Stewart & Rachel Feery

Single channel video installation
10 mins

Echoes of Gold is a video simulated voyage that travels out of this world to uninhibited lands of mysterious origins. A combination of handcrafted environments, low-fi special effects and an audio book inspired soundtrack come together to offer the escape of a lifetime. Viewers are invited to board a golden boat and embark on a whirlwind tour that scouts the cosmos for traces of glitter. The trip holds an array of destinations: a desert plain, a coral reef, a haunted wood, a winter wonderland, and a magic mountain. These idyllic and uncharted lands each hold a mystique waiting to be unlocked.

The first collaboration between Lisa Stewart & Rachel Feery, Echoes of Gold was exhibited at O Projects Gallery in Melbourne 2008; and later First Draft Gallery in Sydney 2009. The video component was exhibited as part of Blindside Gallery's Debut V group show in Melbourne 2009. The work also features on Volume 00:01 Play of Short Play, a DVD zine showcasing Australian video artists.


Writings on Echoes of Gold feature in the Short Play publication volume 00:01 Play, “Art and Play” by Jessie Scott.

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